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Midwifery Today Audio Tapes

Midwifery Today audio tapes are taped live at our conferences, and feature the best birth and midwifery teachers in the world. For information about upcoming conferences, click here.

The audio tapes listed below are from conferences in 1999 and earlier. For later conference classes, look here:
*New York 2000 *Eugene 2001 *Philadelphia 2002 *Eugene 2003/Philadelphia 2004 *Eugene 2005

Midwifery Today audio tapes are non-refundable.
Tapes with technical problems may be exchanged for other titles or for credit with Midwifery Today within 120 days of purchase. For more information, please see the FAQ

How to read audio tape codes:
The first 2 digits indicate the year the tape was made. The digit just before the T tells how many tapes are included. 1T is one tape, 2T is a two-tape set, and so on. The rest of the number is the individual tape number.

How to find audio tapes:
If you're looking for tapes on a specific topic or with a specific teacher, the best way to find them is to use the search function (just click on the SEARCH button above). If you include the word audio in your search along with the topic or teacher name, only audio tapes (or packages that include tapes) with that topic or teacher will show up.

Code Name Price    
921T35 A Nutritional Approach to the Imbalances in the Body (Audio Tape) $9.00
951T183 Active Labor, Active Birth (Audio Tape) $9.00
941T53 Affirmations for Bad Outcomes (Audio Tape) $9.00
931T16 An Evening with Sylvia, Nettie and Matilda (Audio Tape) $9.00
001T997 Anatomy of a Birth Bag (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T767 Anatomy of a Birth Bag (Audio Tape) $9.00
991T901 Anatomy of a Birth Bag (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T666 Anthropology for Midwives (Audio Tape) $16.00
991T931 Anthropology of Birth (Audio Tape) $9.00
984T856 Anthropology of Birth: Women, Culture and Change (Audio Tape) $26.00
974T711 Anthropology of Midwifery (Audio Tape) $26.00
991T962 Anti-D: What is the Evidence?/Visions for Midwifery (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T375 Anticipatory Labor Management (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T539 Anticipatory Labor Management (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T633 Anticipatory Labor Management (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T594 Anticipatory Labor Management (Audio Tape) $16.00
981T786 Anticipatory Labor Management (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T826 Anticipatory Labor Management (Audio Tape) $9.00
991T929 Anticipatory Labor Management (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T578 Appropriate Technology in Birth Care (Audio Tape) $9.00
952T273 Appropriate Use of Technology in Birth (Audio Tape) $16.00
962T514 Appropriate Uses of New Technology: Antepartum (Audio Tape) $16.00
991T912 Aromatherapy for the Childbearing Year (Audio Tape) $9.00
951T325 Ask the Midwife (Audio Tape) $9.00
931T14 Assessing Fetal Well-Being (Audio Tape) $9.00
952T299 Assessing Fetal Well-Being (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T588 Assessing Fetal Well-Being (Audio Tape) $16.00
932T8 Assisting the Unborn (Audio Tape) $16.00
951T311 Assisting the Unborn (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T585 Attachment Parenting (Audio Tape) $16.00


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