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Zuzana M. NadovaZuzana M. Nadova has been a midwife since 2000. She graduated in 2000 in the Slovak Republic then worked as a midwife for a year. She moved with her husband to Kuwait, where she has been living since. Zuzana was not allowed to practice in Kuwait because local authorities don't recognize midwifery as valid specialization. However, Zuzana tells us: “I have stayed involved with my midwifery projects. It is my personal mission to establish midwifery as a new branch of health care system in the State of Kuwait.” She is promoting gentle birth in Kuwait using social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. She is married and is the mother of Abdulrahman and Sara. She speaks English, Slovak and Arabic.


BirthKuwait [June 2011]

It is my pleasure to inform you about the establishment of a new, volunteer-run organization: BirthKuwait. The mission of BirthKuwait is to provide evidence-based information and resources to a) help women in Kuwait have positive, healthy and safe births, b) empower women to advocate for improved maternity services and c) increase transparency in maternity services through the creation of a central, information-based Web site, an online birth survey and new training opportunities for doulas, lactation consultants and childbirth educators.

For a full report on the first meeting of BirthKuwait, visit:

Zuzana Nadova